Hang Glider Pilot in Flight
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+ Comments Hang Glider Pilot in Flight - 2005-05-09 15:26:28

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Well, the weather didn't really cooperate with my latest weekend hang gliding trip. The sun never really came out and the wind was light so the hang gliding conditions sucked. In spite of that though I was able to get a flight in, see some good friends and take some photos on an overcast hazy day.

Here is a photograph of a hang glider pilot flying Dog Mountain in Morton Washington. The pilot, Mike, is a aerow-tow tug pilot and all-around nice guy. He was the first to launch on Saturday. No real lift was to be found. After shooting this shot I put on my harness and flew down to the LZ.

No post-processing of this image has been done. What you see here is taken directly from my digital camera, converted from RAW to TIF to JPEG and resized.

Details: Canon EOS 10D DSLR Canon 70-200mm f/4L USM No Lens Filter

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