Seattle Cityscapes - My First Gallery Showing!!
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+ Comments Seattle Cityscapes - My First Gallery Showing!! - 2006-09-10 11:41:26

This is one of the images that are on display for a month at the East Shore Gallery in Bellevue Washington at a showing called "Cityscapes of Seattle" which starts today. I am excited about having some of my work displayed at a gallery show for the first time! What's interesting is that all three photographs that are on display where taken with my old Canon A-1 ( 35mm film ) camera which I haven't used in a LONG time as I mostly shoot digital now.

So I guess it's fitting that my gallery showing has photographs taken with my first real 35mm camera... :-)

Canon A-1 35mm
Canon FD 35-70mm lens ( If I recall correctly )
Provia 100F Slide Film
Focal Length: 70mm

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